Put it in the bank! Every time you get adjusted it reinvigorates the body due to the healthy nerve supply being reestablished. That means, that the adjustment is far more than a therapy or a modality that’s is used to treat pain. The chiropractic adjustment … Continue readingBANKING


People call the Adjustment many things. We all hear silly things; Popped, crunched, zapped, and of course, CRACKED. The reality is, that “noise” is just gas escaping from the fixated joint. I assure nothing is cracking, breaking or popping. Remember, eggs crack, Corn Pops, ex-husbands … Continue readingCRACKED


“The story of chiropractic is a story of freedom” – Ian Grassam DC. It’s true the story of chiropractic is a liberating story. One of freedom from sickness, from dysfunction, from an aberrant function.. leaving you feeling free from the “random” chance of sickness and … Continue readingFREEDOM


So fresh and so clean! Nothing from the outside, no antibiotics, no hormones, no surgeries. #justLIFE That’s right, just Life. But when you think about it, that’s all you need in this life. Life flows from above down inside out, and nothing but the specific/scientific … Continue readingORGANIC


#TFIM Monday’s are powerful days, days that we can get the all rolling again. Days that we get to be back in the office serving our community with specific scientific chiropractic care! The choice is always simple, should I get adjusted? Heck yeah!! . . … Continue readingSHOULD I?


Keeping it straightforward & simple?!! Simplicity is the name of the game! Chiropractic the relationship between anatomy (spine) and the function of the neurology, which sounds incredibly complex. The reality is.. it is, but above all things the chiropractic message is simple. #bjpalmer had it … Continue readingCONNECTED


Has life ever backed you into a corner and the only way to get out is to buckle down and get to work? Often times that’s the simplest answer and it never fails, but we put more complicated solutions together. Hard work always pays off … Continue readingWORK


#chiropractors expect miracles in their offices because we remove interference in the nerve system, allowing the innate power of the body to flow from ADIO (above down inside out). . . . #letschalkaboutchiropractic #lcac


“There is a vast difference between treating effects and adjusting the cause” – DD Palmer || This has been Chiropractic’s major tenant for over 120 years. Medicine simply helps to manage the effects of subluxation, through drugs we have learned to mask our symptoms. Adjusting … Continue readingSERVICE SOON


#superbowlsunday is almost upon us! No matter who you are rooting for, it’s great to remember that every #NFL team has a #chiropractor on staff! So no matter who wins, #healthyspines are on both teams!! . . . #lcac