Free at last!! Can you imagine how much better the body communicates after an adjustment!?! The amount of #ease that has to come over the systems that have become bogged down due to subluxation has to be liberating. That’s why #bjpalmer nailed it here but … Continue readingHANDCUFFS


Put it in the bank! Every time you get adjusted it reinvigorates the body due to the healthy nerve supply being reestablished. That means, that the adjustment is far more than a therapy or a modality that’s is used to treat pain. The chiropractic adjustment … Continue readingBANKING


People call the Adjustment many things. We all hear silly things; Popped, crunched, zapped, and of course, CRACKED. The reality is, that “noise” is just gas escaping from the fixated joint. I assure nothing is cracking, breaking or popping. Remember, eggs crack, Corn Pops, ex-husbands … Continue readingCRACKED


“There is a vast difference between treating effects and adjusting the cause” – DD Palmer || This has been Chiropractic’s major tenant for over 120 years. Medicine simply helps to manage the effects of subluxation, through drugs we have learned to mask our symptoms. Adjusting … Continue readingSERVICE SOON


There so many reasons why #ILoveChiropractic! From restoring function from the detrimental effects of subluxation to allowing peak performance in athletics in life. Chiropractic has been helping people for over 120 years reach their fullest potential by reducing nerve interference. . . . #adio#letschalkaboutchiropractic #valentinesday#lcac


#superbowlsunday is almost upon us! No matter who you are rooting for, it’s great to remember that every #NFL team has a #chiropractor on staff! So no matter who wins, #healthyspines are on both teams!! . . . #lcac


It’s #dynamicessentials week everyone! See you in Atlanta! #lcac