Free at last!! Can you imagine how much better the body communicates after an adjustment!?! The amount of #ease that has to come over the systems that have become bogged down due to subluxation has to be liberating. That’s why #bjpalmer nailed it here but … Continue readingHANDCUFFS


Keeping it straightforward & simple?!! Simplicity is the name of the game! Chiropractic the relationship between anatomy (spine) and the function of the neurology, which sounds incredibly complex. The reality is.. it is, but above all things the chiropractic message is simple. #bjpalmer had it … Continue readingCONNECTED


Has life ever backed you into a corner and the only way to get out is to buckle down and get to work? Often times that’s the simplest answer and it never fails, but we put more complicated solutions together. Hard work always pays off … Continue readingWORK


#lastingpurpose mindset says to love for the sake of loving, give for the sake of giving and to serve just for the sake of serving, out of your own #abundance with no expectation of anything in return. This is the true essence of this classic … Continue readingLOVE