Display eye-catching chalk art in your office on a horizontal mounted TV or monitor


Display a collection of Let’s Chalk About Chiropractic slides in your office to create conversation and to allow patients to engage with you about our amazing philosophy!

Please note this is in the HORIZONTAL orientation, so your TV will have to be mounted side to side.  Software instruction will be included with download.

Additional information

Horizontal Orientation

Landscape orientation for a unique look and presentation

Pack #3

Immune System, Air Jordan, Ladder of Success, Life is Better, Life to Your Years, Lion, Magic, March Madness, Miracle, Mature Needs No Help, NFL, No Prob-Llama, Nothing is Bigger Than Life, One HIt Wonder, Organic, Out of this World, Pacman, Pirate, Pizza, Progress

HD Ready

All images are ready to be displayed on an HDTV (1080p) TV or monitor

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