Sometimes living an health-driven life can seem overwhelming! Not knowing if a fever is good or bad, whether to take a drug for symptom management or when is it right to go to a Chiro vs the MD. These questions are common ones that we … Continue readingMARCH MADNESS


  #excited about @dynamicessentialsIntensive this weekend at Palmer Davenport. Since 1964, DE has been the home of the Principle of chiropractic. Over the years nearly all of the greatest speakers in chiropractic have graced the stage and have shared their understanding of chiropractic at DE. … Continue readingLIFE DE


There is an old Irish saying; ☘️☘️☘️ “The harder you work, the luckier you get” ??? We can’t help but think about how true this is with your health! Health is a balance of your nerve systems communication, the nutrients you put in and the … Continue readingCHOICE


  #luckyforchiropractic || If chiropractic is your pot of gold, then that makes your Chiro a leprechaun ??? . . . #chiropractor #chiropracric #stpatricksday#potofgold #getlikes #getadjusted #memes#letschalkaboitnchiropractif #lcac


When we have the wrong perspective on anything, we lose. There is no place more important to have your priorities straight than with your health. Chiropractic finds the cause of all or nearly all health issue, by finding the interference in the nerve system. Interference … Continue readingCAUSE


  #howboutdat || talk about priorities! Many of us perform routine cosmetic enhancements, some are necessary, some are not. But the spine carries the vital life force through the nerve system. Dr. Sigafoose (@sigafoose_the_great) has his classic line, “No one ever dies of crooked teeth, … Continue readingTEETH


Chiropractic is all about that #lifeexpression, not merely symptom suppression. Tricking the body to “feel well” is not a path to health, but only a path to dis-ease and masking the true cause. . . . #getchecked #getadjusted #chiropractic#memes #motivationmonday #adio#healthcare #letschalkaboutchiropractic#lcac


“There is a vast difference between treating effects and adjusting the cause” – DD Palmer || This has been Chiropractic’s major tenant for over 120 years. Medicine simply helps to manage the effects of subluxation, through drugs we have learned to mask our symptoms. Adjusting … Continue readingSERVICE SOON


#chiropractic removes the interference in the nerve system and allows the body to function at ?!! It’s a universal fact that any communicating system that is interferes with has a lower level of functionality. Get adjusted and start living a life of full expression instead … Continue readingDESIGNED