Being new to anything carries skepticism and often disbelief in the validity of that new thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new restaurant or going to a chiropractor for the first time. But, once you’ve seen results or you learn the food is … Continue readingABDUCTED


Free at last!! Can you imagine how much better the body communicates after an adjustment!?! The amount of #ease that has to come over the systems that have become bogged down due to subluxation has to be liberating. That’s why #bjpalmer nailed it here but … Continue readingHANDCUFFS


Put it in the bank! Every time you get adjusted it reinvigorates the body due to the healthy nerve supply being reestablished. That means, that the adjustment is far more than a therapy or a modality that’s is used to treat pain. The chiropractic adjustment … Continue readingBANKING


Somethings are explainable through science (physics) and yet we fail to be able to observe the principle in action while it’s just written on paper. All of us have witnessed the effects of gravity, whether we could explain how and why it happened. There has … Continue readingGRAVITY


People call the Adjustment many things. We all hear silly things; Popped, crunched, zapped, and of course, CRACKED. The reality is, that “noise” is just gas escaping from the fixated joint. I assure nothing is cracking, breaking or popping. Remember, eggs crack, Corn Pops, ex-husbands … Continue readingCRACKED


Happy #sharkweek!! Did you know that the nerve systems primary function is adaptation. This means listening to the estimated 640 million nerve inputs per minute and adapting every cell tissue and organ to better function due to the environment/situation that you find yourself in. Better … Continue readingADAPT


Did you know that 90% of the nourishment your brain gets is through movement of the spine? So what does that mean when we get subluxated (stuck) and can’t move properly. It means that your brain and spinal cord are not getting nourished properly. The … Continue readingNOURISH


Chiropractic is the study of health and the things that make a man live – BjP // There is no great secret here, only a great deception, that medicine sells; your body is weak and incapable of healing itself. We all know and have witnessed … Continue readingHEALING


“The story of chiropractic is a story of freedom” – Ian Grassam DC. It’s true the story of chiropractic is a liberating story. One of freedom from sickness, from dysfunction, from an aberrant function.. leaving you feeling free from the “random” chance of sickness and … Continue readingFREEDOM


The anti drug (street drugs of course ?) campaign from the 90’s and 00’s talked about your mind being a terrible thing to waste. While agree that drugs are bad, m’kay, we also need to recognize that the drugs were preventing the body from doing … Continue readingWASTE