Did you know that 90% of the nourishment your brain gets is through movement of the spine? So what does that mean when we get subluxated (stuck) and can’t move properly. It means that your brain and spinal cord are not getting nourished properly. The … Continue readingNOURISH


The anti drug (street drugs of course ?) campaign from the 90’s and 00’s talked about your mind being a terrible thing to waste. While agree that drugs are bad, m’kay, we also need to recognize that the drugs were preventing the body from doing … Continue readingWASTE


  #selfadjusting is a real thing, there are #supportgroups and everything! Just kidding about the support groups.. but for real, let’s address why this isn’t a #chiropracticadjustment. When you self adjust, you are not specific nor intentional (def not scientific) about what segment moves and … Continue readingSELF ADJUSTING


#truth || it’s as simple as that really. Removing interference in the system that is in charge of all communication and function in the body has a profound affect on how healthy an individual body is and how well it adapts to stress from its … Continue readingREMOVE