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View on Instagram   Sometimes life is just a question of “should of’s”. Should I start getting adjusted or not? Should I start that exercise program or not? Should I eat that or not? Should I meditate or not? So things may seem like … Continue readingSWOOSH


This is a place where everyone is excepted, regardless if you wear a tank top and cut off Jean shorts! You see, when you are about expressing more life in every individual in your community there are no rules or limitations. The only prerequisite is … Continue readingPLANETCHIRO


Geez.. I know I’ve made some mistakes today that I wish I could have a giant eraser to mark out things that I have said or actions that I have taken. I would love a do over on so many things in life, but as … Continue readingPENCIL


Life is what you make it! If you simply sit by and watch it, it will pass you by. If fact the more active you get in participating in your life, then better it will become. Life is full of infinite possibilities and anything that’s … Continue readingMILKING


Many people don’t know this, but due to the physical stresses that astronauts undergo, they are 5x’s more likely to suffer from a herniated disc than us typical earthlings! But, that doesn’t mean that the need chiropractic care more than we do, because to be … Continue readingN A S A


  Being new to anything carries skepticism and often disbelief in the validity of that new thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new restaurant or going to a chiropractor for the first time. But, once you’ve seen results or you learn the food is … Continue readingABDUCTED


Free at last!! Can you imagine how much better the body communicates after an adjustment!?! The amount of #ease that has to come over the systems that have become bogged down due to subluxation has to be liberating. That’s why #bjpalmer nailed it here but … Continue readingHANDCUFFS


Put it in the bank! Every time you get adjusted it reinvigorates the body due to the healthy nerve supply being reestablished. That means, that the adjustment is far more than a therapy or a modality that’s is used to treat pain. The chiropractic adjustment … Continue readingBANKING


Somethings are explainable through science (physics) and yet we fail to be able to observe the principle in action while it’s just written on paper. All of us have witnessed the effects of gravity, whether we could explain how and why it happened. There has … Continue readingGRAVITY


People call the Adjustment many things. We all hear silly things; Popped, crunched, zapped, and of course, CRACKED. The reality is, that “noise” is just gas escaping from the fixated joint. I assure nothing is cracking, breaking or popping. Remember, eggs crack, Corn Pops, ex-husbands … Continue readingCRACKED